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Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Movements
Volume 17 Number 1 March 2016

“Bandung/Third World 60 Years”

Introduction: “Bandung/Third World 60 Years” – in memory of Professor Sam Moyo
Kuan-Hsing CHEN

In memoriam
Remembering a friend and comrade


The world without Bandung, or for a polycentric system with no hegemony

Samir AMIN

Rethinking the legacies of Bandung
Hilmar FARID

Bandung in Latin America: the hope for another world
Roberto BISSIO

Carpe Diem: Bandung, historical inequalities and development goals
JOMO Kwame Sundaram

Afro-Asian solidarity and the “capital” question: looking beyond the last frontier
Aditya NIGAM

Echoes of the Bandung movement in the Caribbean and China's presence in the region today
Rupert LEWIS

Perspectives on South-South relations: China’s presence in Africa

Between the public intellectual and the scholar: decolonization and some post-independence initiatives in African higher education

The trajectory of the “Third World” in early modern Chinese thought
WANG Xiaoming (Translated by JIN Li)

Visual essay
A portrait of war memory: Taira Koushichi and photography that listens to untold stories


CODESRIA as a pan-African intellectual community: an interview with Professor Sam Moyo

Kuan-Hsing CHEN and IKEGAMI Yoshihiko

Land reform in Zimbabwe, class dynamics and delayed Bandung: an interview with Sam Moyo
YAN Hairong and CHEN Yiyuan

Revisiting Bandung Conference:
Berbeda Sejak dalam Pikiran
Nila Ayu UTAMI

The 60th anniversary of the Bandung Conference and Asia
PAIK Wondam

Reflexive notes
On the edge of Bandung: folk fellowship and repair

Jahlani A. H. NIAAH

Another time that is needed
IKEGAMI Yoshihiko





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