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  »  Issues Contents  2010-04-07 Is Japan changing after the fall of LDP?


Is Japan changing after the fall of LDP? Hatoyama and the DPJ’s new ‘politics in command’
MUTO Ichiyo
The August 30 general election here has brought on the decisive downfall of the Liberal Democratic Party, ushering in a new dynamics in Japanese politics. I felt that this change of situation would require a full analysis to be shared by friends overseas, but it was a heavy task that deterred me, an old, feeble soul, from challenging. Then, your mail arrived. With your prodding I have sat up and will try a sketch, not a full analysis, of what I personally perceive as happened and happening. Your questions are directed to four people, and of course what I am scribbling below reflects only my observation.
Author’s biography
MUTO Ichiyo is theco-president of the People’s Plan Study Group in Tokyo.

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