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  »  Issues Contents  2010-06-18 Expecting more open space as an inter-Asia critical review
Expecting more open space as an inter-Asia critical review: reflecting over the changed context of cultural politics 
CHO Hee Yeon
The upcoming 10 years seems like a very long time, whereas another 10 we passed seems short. As short as it seems, there have been quite a few changes in the changing trajectory of the journal of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (IACS).
In my understanding, IACS hasn't been just about a job of publishing an academic journal, but also about a kind of project which was to make a trans-national intellectual community with special focus on the current issues in the cultural studies. When we look back on the past 10 years, we could say fortunately that that project has been very successful. IACS has made a new history in terms of intellectual community development in Asia. It has also created a great momentum for emergence of a trans-national intellectual community across Asia, based on networking of scholars with different ethnicity, nationality, academic disciplines, etc. I would say that a new 'imagined intellectual community' has called into being and therefore IACS has succeeded in “creating something out of nothing”
Author’s biography
Dr. Hee-Yeon Cho (曺喜昖) is the Professor of School of Social Science and NGO Graduate School. He is the Dean of United Graduate School in Sungkonghoe University and works as Co-Representative of Korea Council of Progressive Academic Associations (學術團體協議會). His research area includes social movements, civil society, relation between movements and party politics, and radicalism. He has written lots of books including Class and Poverty, Social Movement and Organizations in South Korea, The State, Democracy and the Political Change in South Korea, Park Chung-Hee and Developmental Dictatorship, Mobilized Modernization in Korean ,and edited, in English, Breaking the barrier: inter-asia reader on democratization and social movements, and States of Democracy: Oligarchic Democracies and Asian Democratization.

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