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Narratives as tools for interpretation: Hong Kong life through the lens of 1970s’ cinema
Narratives form an essential part of our daily life. We tell stories in different contexts to entertain, to express, to liaise, to communicate, or to understand. While writers, film directors, song composers, and artists embody their narratives in the works they create, which then become part of a collective narrative, ordinary people also construct their own narratives in everyday communications and daily life practices. But the line dividing the supposedly 'public' narratives and personal narratives is never clear. At any point in our lives, we construct our personal narratives at a convergence point of specific historical, social, cultural and personal circumstances. Thus the self, as seen at different times and place, is always an entity in the making.
Author’s biography
Amy Lee has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from The University of Warwick, UK. Her research interest includes the Chinese Diaspora, female self-writing, contemporary fiction and culture, magic and witchery, and narratives of marginal experiences. She has published on women’s diasporic writing, life writing, and gender issues in contemporary fictions. She has taught professional and creative writing; and is dedicated to promoting creative teaching and learning in the secondary school sector. Currently she is an Associate Professor in the Humanities Programme and the Department of English Language and Literature of Hong Kong Baptist University.

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