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The fragmented face of the city: our face
Maria HARTININGSIH (Translated by Manneke BUDIMAN)
ABSTRACT This reflective essay bring us to the corners of Jakarta describing the leftover spaces of the ‘red district’ and the poor enclaves as well as the superblock domination of wealthy inhabitants. The essay points out that behind the ordeals of the marginalized citizens and the display of wealth, is the battle of two forces. On the one hand religious fundamentalism has caused the “radicalization of the city” and on the other neoliberal economic fundamentalism has widened the gap between the rich and the poor. The essay follows traces of State violence in this battleground, and in an engaged manner questions whether the city has served as an inclusive space for all its citizens.
KEYWORDS: Jakarta, radicalization, State violence, poverty, economic fundamentalism
Author’s biography
Maria Hartiningsih, journalist for Kompas daily. In 1986 she received an award from the UN’s Habitat for her article on the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless, and in 2003 she received a Yap Thiam Hien Award for her writings that promote humanity, tolerance, and pluralism. Maria was a fellow in the LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Education) program.

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