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Jakarta leftover spaces
What images of Jakarta in the last decade strike a photographer like me most? There are many themes to choose: the glamorous cosmopolitan life style, with mushrooming of supermalls and condominium; chaotic traffic, toll roads in lost competition with vastly multiplying cars or street jammed with cheap made-in -China motor cars; noisy state politics in the era of democratization, with people’s representatives sleeping on their high seats in parliamentary building.
Behind or beneath all of the above, is the hidden order of things, where ordinary Jakarta inhabitants go about with their daily lives, in sweat serving as the support system of Jakarta superfluous consumption, with their heart taking care of the poor and filling the widening social gaps, with their costumes and banners becoming loyal or pragmatic supporters of street campaign, with arts and music making meaning and killing time in the city alleys. Or just simply having fun.
Author’s biography
Timur Angin majored in Documentary movie directing, Jakarta Institute of Art, 1998 -2004. He has worked as in house photo editor in Djakarta Magazine and serves as contributing photographer to national and international magazines. His track record as professional photographer and camera man includes a number of international projects, such as the Laya Project, shooting in Aceh, Maldives, Srilanka, Thailand, India, 2006-2007; Voice Over The Bridge, shooting in Myanmar, 2007; Laya show, shooting in Chennai, Mumbai, India, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2007; and Safety Road Project, AUS AID.

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