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  »  Issues Contents  2016-06-22 Bandung in Latin America
Bandung in Latin America: the hope for another world
Roberto BISSIO
ABSTRACT Latin America is part of any description of the “Third World” and active in the Group of 77 that represents developing countries at the United Nations, but no Latin America country was present at the Bandung meeting that started it all 60 years ago. The author analyzes why the incipient Afro-Asian bloc did not feel identified with Latin America then and how the region gradually transformed formal independence proclaimed two centuries ago into really independent politics and an aspiration to economic self-determination over the last two decades. Further convergence with Asia and Africa would help consolidate current progressive trends.
Keywords: Latin America, Third World, Bandung, Non Alignment, History, colonialism and neocolonialism, Literature
Notes on contributor
Roberto Bissio is Executive Director of the Third World Institute (ITeM) and coordinator of Social Watch.

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