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  »  Issues Contents  2016-06-22 Echoes of the Bandung movement
Echoes of the Bandung movement in the Caribbean and China's presence in the region today
Rupert LEWIS
ABSTRACT The ideas of Bandung had echoes in the anti-colonial and decolonization movement in the Anglophone Caribbean from the 1950s to the 1970s.  These echoes were signals of international solidarity that emerged among the political leadership and radicalized publics in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.  That sense of solidarity has been replaced by pragmatic business relations in the era of global neo-liberalism and the growing role of China and other ex-colonies as economic powers. There is an urgent need for renewal of mutually beneficial political association among ex-colonial countries. The spectres of racism and racial stereotypes need to be confronted in the building of stronger economic relations. These racial stereotypes arise from the growth of anti-black racism over the past five hundred years. Similarly, racial stereotypes of Chinese and other peoples of Asia are rooted in colonial histories. New political relations cannot be based exclusively on trade and economic relations but on an explicit elaboration of ideas that can encourage discussion, debate and the development of institutions. These new political ideas can build on shared principles in an anti-racist direction which helps to restore human dignity to international relations.
KEYWORDS:  Bandung echoes, Solidarity, Decolonization, Economic Power of Ex-Colonial Countries, Chinese investments, UN on racism, Anti-Racism.
Notes on contributor
Dr. Rupert Lewis is Professor Emeritus of Political Thought in the Department of Government of the University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica. He has published widely on Marcus Garvey and the Garvey movement, Pan-Africanism and Caribbean radicalism.He is author of the book Walter Rodney’s Intellectual and Political Thought,and co-edited with the late Fitz Baptiste George Padmore – Pan-African Revolutionary. He is editor of Caribbean Political Activism – Essays in Honour of Richard Hart. He is also Deputy Chairman of the Institute of Jamaica.

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