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  »  A Chronology  2009-06-05 2008
Month Events
Chair in History, Thought and Culture: Paik Nak-chung (Seoul University)
-Notions of the Third World and national literatures in the age of globalization; Venue: Hsinchu, Taiwan
-Toward a planetary approach to Western literary canons
-Barriers to reconciliation in East Asia: The case of two Koreas and its regional implications; Venue: Taipei, Taiwan
The 1st Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society Summer Camp; Venue: Yonsei University, Seoul
5/24-25 Conference of East Asian Critical Journals: Conditions of reconciliation: an international symposium for East Asian critical journals; Venue: Taipei, Taiwan
8/1-2 Reflective Meeting on Center for Asian-Pacific/Cultural Studies and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Movements; Venue: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Relocation of the Editorial Office to National Chiao Tung University, and Establishment of Center for Asian-Pacific/Cultural Studies in NCTU
8/25-29 Cultural Studies Summer Camp for Phd. Students from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China; Venue: Taipei, Taiwan
Featured Speech: Wang Xiaoming
-A Third Point of View: “State”—Starting with Sichuan Earthquake
-Some Reflections on Lu Xun Studies; Venue: Hsinchu, Taiwan
-Beyond Globalisation: Geographies, Territories and Technologies; Venue: Hsinchu, Taiwan
-The Geography of Theory and the Place of Knowledge; Venue: Taipei, Taiwan



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